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Mushroom Miso Soup Recipe

2020-01-14T11:12:05+00:00 Recipes|

Our Miso Soup Kits are an easy and convenient way to make tasty and nourishing miso soup, simply add water. However, they are also great as a base for other soups such as this Mushroom Miso Soup. Ingredients [...]

Miso Onion Gravy Recipe

2020-01-14T10:08:01+00:00 Recipes|

Veggie gravies can sometimes lack in depth, when it is purely onion based. I love adding miso to mine for a rich deep flavour to enjoy with all your winter dishes. Make enough for 4 portions. Ingredients • [...]


2020-01-14T10:21:13+00:00 How to, Recipes|

As the mornings get colder and darker this miso coconut spread is just the thing to motivate you to get out of bed! This umami-rich breakfast treat is both sweet and salty - we can guarantee you'll be addicted [...]


2020-01-14T10:29:47+00:00 Recipes|

We love eating with the seasons, and using miso soup as a base allows us to do this really easily. During these chilly, autumn months, we can’t get enough root vegetables in our diets: their deep colours and [...]

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