It has been a good week for miso. Which means it has been a good week for Miso Tasty!

Did you spot us in minute 2 of Channel 4’s “Food Unwrapped”? It was the first time EVER for Miso Tasty to appear on the big screen which was SUPER exciting for us! Here is the money shot!

miso tasty on channel 4 food unwrapped miso soup diet

As miso obsessives, you can imagine our surprise and delight to watch a show that for most of the hour-long programme, gave incredible insight into how miso is made and how dashi, its bonito stock is made too. Rarely is this level of information shared on British TV, we have only ever seen it with our own eyes in Japan!

Conclusion of the show? That miso soup helps ones to lose weight! Indeed, our 45 calorie miso soups are a fantastic summer snack to enjoy for a light summer meal. Enjoy with a salad or sushi for a light meal.

We want to emphasise that our miso soups do not CAUSE weight loss, but instead it SUPPORTS weight loss because it has a high satiety factor. What does that mean? Well it means that it makes you feel full, even though it registers just 45 calories. This means that those surveyed in the show demonstrated that one eats less after eating a bowl of miso soup before a meal. Result!

miso tasty on channel 4 food unwrapped miso soup diet 2
miso tasty on channel 4 food unwrapped miso soup diet 3

We love having a bowl of miso soup before a meal to immediately satisfy and nourish our bodies, whilst also keeping hunger and appetite at bay. Miso soups ADDS to your body rather than taking something away, in your weight loss plans meaning helps to create a safe and supportive way to manage your diet.

We do not recommend eating ONLY miso soup as a meal, please enjoy with fresh salads, sushi and a light sandwich for a balanced meal.

If you wish to watch the full show, you can catch it on Channel 4 On Demand for the next 30 days: 

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