A lie in and a late breakfast verging on to lunch, or brunch some might say, is probably at the top of most people’s to do list at the weekend.

My weekend treat, if I can wake up early enough is a traditional Japanese breakfast at Koya Soho. Their breakfast menu is split into udon noodles, rice dishes and small plates. Keep it simple with a Kama Tama (Udon noodle with egg and soy sauce) or Kitsune (Udon noodles with sweet tofu and spring onion) or go with one of their ‘twist on the English classic’.

Koya Soho London
Koya Soho London - Pickled Oyster Okayu
Koya Soho London - Japanese Breakfast Udon Noodles

Speaking of which, next time I’m there I will have to try their take on the English Breakfast; fried egg, bacon and shiitake mushrooms, available either with udon noodles or as a rice dish, which is a Japanese porridge similar to a congee, this one comes with a bowl of miso soup. Both sounds delicious and I know I will have a hard time choosing between the two!

Koya Soho London - Japanese Breakfast
Koya Soho London - Onsen Tamago
Koya Soho London - Nato

I went for the Japanese Breakfast as usual; grilled mackerel, rice miso soup and pickles. I also ordered a small bowl of Onsen Tamago, a poached egg in chilled dashi, and Natto which is fermented soybeans which smell somewhat like pungent cheese but super nutritious!

Koya Soho is located a just few doors down from the legendary Ronnie Scott’s on Frith Street and their Koya City restaurant is situated at the Bloomberg Arcade between Bank and Mansion House. They are probably the only few places serving traditional Japanese breakfasts in London. Get there early though, as queues can get quite long and they stop serving breakfast at midday.

If you have any Japanese restaurant recommendations or know of anywhere else with a delicious Japanese breakfast menu, we would love to know in the comments below.

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