Introducing Miso Tasty's Organic Craft Tofu

Miso Tasty’s range of Craft Tofu is designed for cooks who truly care about getting the right ingredients for their dishes. 

Based on our deep understanding of Japanese ingredients, and in-depth research into tofu cooking in the UK today, we have created a range of tofu that is not only the best quality, but also specifically targets the challenges of cooking with tofu at home. 

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Curry? Stir-fry? We’ve got you covered!
Our tofu textures are designed for your dish. 


Organic, fresh and made from just 4 ingredients
– for cooking you’ll be proud of.


We’ve done the hard work for you so there is no need to press – just drain and cook!


Packed with impressive dish ideas to excite you in the kitchen that you can’t help but share!

Premium Craft Tofu
that’s designed for your dishes

The Secret to our Craft Tofu

Why do people press tofu? Miso Tasty Craft Tofu

Miso Tasty’s Craft Tofu is created through a unique and carefully orchestrated set of steps that transforms the humble soybean into a magnificent block of pure creamy, smooth tofu. 

12 Perfect Steps starting with 12 whole hours

Our bespoke process includes soaking the beans for 12 hours, crushing, filtering and heating this protein-rich milk to 85 degrees celsius. The setting of the tofu curd, with the help of a coagulant called Nigari, is the critical step in the process and is finished with an essential 5-second stir. Miso Tasty then refines the tofu further by blasting out any bubbles from the milk to guarantee the smoothest texture every time. 

Finally, carefully calculated pressures are applied to the tofu curds to complete our special range of Craft Tofu.

Juicy, Fresh & Full of Flavour

Authentic tofu is always packed and stored in liquid to ensure that it tastes as fresh as the day it was made, with a round creamy flavour and a juicy consistency. Miso Tasty goes the extra mile by also seasoning the liquid our Craft Tofu is packed in to enhance the flavours even further. 

Game Changer 

For Miso Tasty, the craft of tofu making is akin to artisan cheese-making and requires real expertise to control the many factors that determine the final quality and texture of Craft Tofu.  

We are incredibly proud of our Craft Tofu and all the painstaking lengths we go to make sure we offer the finest tofu that’s a fit for your fantastic cooking. 

Our mission is for our Craft Tofu to change the way tofu will be enjoyed and appreciated forever. 

You Craft the Meal
We Craft the Tofu

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