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60 vibrant, versatile recipes for upping your tofu game – Never be stuck in a rut again!

Tofu Tasty will revolutionise the way we think and cook with tofu forever. Never tasteless, never boring and definitely not just for vegetarians, tofu is an exciting ingredient and Tofu Tasty is here to challenge you into cooking new and inspiring dishes.

As well as 60 vibrant and versatile recipes, Bonnie Chung explores the different types of tofu, its history and heritage, health benefits, and its role in Asian cuisine. She also teaches you how to make, press and store your own tofu.

Tofu has enjoyed a central place on dinner tables across Asia for centuries, but in the West it has become synonymous with a bland meat alternative – but Tofu Tasty is here to put tofu centre stage of every dish. The recipes in Tofu Tasty all start vegetarian, however ‘twists’ are provided to include a meat or fish variation for non-veggie days.

Tofu Tasty – Imaginative Tofu recipes For Every Day will be released in September 2021.

Revolutionise the way you think and cook with tofu forever.

Tofu Tasty cookbook will be released on 5th August 2021. FREE UK DELIVERY on book orders dispatched by Amazon over £10. Click here for more details.