Swapping out just one cup of coffee a day, and replacing it with a bowl of Miso Tasty soup will make for a happier, healthier day. Not only does a miso soup contain less calories than a cappuccino, but it is also packed full of miso goodness.

We all need a little bit of caffeine to kick-start our day, but too much caffeine will stimulate your nervous system, which in turn leads to higher stress levels and mood swings: not exactly what you need from an already very stressful weekday! So, when you’re in search of a hot drink during a busy day, why not try having a miso soup instead of another cup of coffee? Miso is packed full of protein which will fill you up and keep you going for a lot longer than a dehydrating coffee, and the essential amino acids in this ancient superfood will also aid your digestion (something a frothy cappuccino certainly won’t do!).

Make sure you buy your miso soup here so that you can easily make the change to a healthier lifestyle by swapping one cup of coffee a day for a Miso Tasty soup!