Miso Tasty’s Craft Tofu is created through a unique and carefully orchestrated set of steps that transforms the humble soybean into a magnificent block of creamy, smooth tofu. 

The whole process is akin to artisan cheese-making and requires expertise to control the many factors that determine the final quality and texture. Our knowledge of the art of tofu making has been enhanced by Japanese knowhow and is part of Miso Tasty’s growing range of Japanese-inspired products.

12 Perfect Steps starting with 12 whole hours

What makes Miso Tasty’s Craft Tofu so special?

Our process includes a dozen carefully managed stages by our experienced team. The organic soybeans are first soaked for 12 hours, before being crushed to a fine paste and then filtered for the smoothest texture and warmed gently to 85 degrees celsius.  This protein-rich milk then develops into a curd with the help of a Japanese setting agent called Nigari.

The Critical Step

The Nigari we use at Miso Tasty is made in the traditional Japanese way from the salts of sea lake water. Stirring in the Nigari is a crucial step in ensuring the end results are perfect: stir too much or too little, and the setting of the tofu will be inconsistent and the quality lost. We stir our mixture for precisely 5 seconds to make sure our tofu has the perfect bite.  

It is our careful combination of nigari levels, temperature control and stirring speed that requires constant attention for the final desired texture.

This step is the most challenging part of our craft tofu making, with a number of moving factors to minutely control and manage within only a few seconds of time.

The curd particle size is the key to the texture of tofu –the smaller this is, the denser the tofu. Firmer tofu is therefore fashioned from smaller curd particles, giving it a perfectly robust texture for stir- fries, pan-fries and burgers. For softer tofu pieces which are more suited to dishes with sauces like curries and soups, Miso Tasty develops a more fluffy, larger curd particle size where a more absorbent lighter texture of tofu is crafted.

I’m forever blowing bubbles

Once the mixture has set into a curd, we add an extra step to blast out any bubbles that may have formed. This step  – also known as degassing! – has been developed in order to achieve the highest quality tofu; any air bubbles that were formed during the separation of the whey from the curds would ordinarily create little holes in the tofu but, our vacuum step removes every single bubble to guarantee a smooth, close texture – a hallmark of Craft Tofu.

Juicy, Fresh & Full of Flavour

Proper tofu is kept fresh by being immersed in a liquid solution, and this way of storing tofu is absolutely fundamental to ensuring that the tofu tastes as fresh as the day it was made, with a round creamy flavour and a juicy consistency. Miso Tasty’s goes the extra mile here by surrounding our tofu with a liquid that has been delicately seasoned to perfection, and enhances the flavours in your dish even further.

The Final Squeeze

Finally, our tofu is moulded and pressed using exacting weights to form the perfect texture for your dishes. A carefully calculated level and period of pressure is applied to the curds and this determines the final density and pore size of the tofu. This is an important factor when choosing your tofu; the greater the pore size, the more absorbent it is for flavours and sauces, but also the more fragile it is in the pan.

Game Changer

We are incredibly proud of our Craft Tofu and all the painstaking lengths we go to create the finest tofu that’s a fit for your fantastic cooking. Our mission is for our Craft Tofu to change the way tofu will be enjoyed and appreciated forever. 

You Craft the Meal
We Craft the Tofu

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Craft Tofu – Firm

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Craft Tofu – Soft

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