Tofu can look quite similar at first blush, but the best tofu has clear hallmarks that can be easily identified. Here are 6 signs that separate Craft Tofu like ours, from the rest.

1. Organic Soybeans and few ingredients. Ours is made with just 4 simple ingredients.

2. Packed in a water bath, to keep tofu juicy. We don’t recommend blocks of tofu where all the water has been squeezed out already; these are too dense to take on new flavours. Water baths are the traditional way to pack tofu and it keeps it fresh-tasting and juicy in texture.

3. Creamy sweet taste and aroma – give our tofu a sniff! It has a rich creamy beanie flavour. This tells you that it is fresh with high soybean content and just the right level of Nigari – the coagulant that sets the tofu. Lower quality tofus have less soy and more nigari, giving it a bland taste that struggles to take on new flavours.

4. Springy to the touch, not dense like halloumi. Give the tofu a squeeze and there should be a little spring. This tells you that your tofu will take on new flavours, rather than just coated with a flavour or sauce.

5. No visible bubbles – We go the extra mile to ensure that there are no holes inside our tofu – by adding an extra step in our crafting process to blow all the bubbles out, just before our tofu sets.

6. Smooth Surface – Premium tofu is crafted carefully for a smooth surface with clean lines, ready to add to your cooking. Beware any cracks on the tofu as a sign that the tofu has not set properly.

Miso Tasty Craft Tofu - Firm

Craft Tofu – Firm

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Miso Tasty Craft Tofu - Soft

Craft Tofu – Soft

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