Miso Tasty’s Ramen Noodle Kits make tasty noodle soups full of flavour and health benefits – you can enjoy a delicious meal in minutes! Grab leftovers from your fridge and turn it in to a tasty meal packed full of flavour. We love our spicy ramen noodles with salmon, tofu and spinach!

Salmon, tofu & spinach topping:

– Left over salmon
– Handful of silken tofu, cut in to large cubes
– Handful of spinach

Simply heat the left over salmon (or put 1 fillet in the oven for approx 12 minutes if cooking from fresh), add to the top of your ramen noodles in bowl and add spinach and tofu and enjoy!

Twist: why not add a teaspoon of chilli paste and some fresh chilli’s for a kick?