20 x Glass Noodle Nests


Perfect Pantry Item!

Looking for something to perk up your miso soup? These super light glass noodle nests will transform your soup into an even more satisfying snack!

With only 60 calories per nest and made from just pea and potato, these noodles are a perfect match for your miso!

Simply cook with hot water from a kettle (leaving for 5 minutes to fully cook through) or on a stove and simmer for 2-3 minutes. They cook up quickly and absorb all the flavour so don’t be shy to add your favourite miso soup or seasoning for the best results!

  • Adding to your miso soup for a bigger snack.
  • Making a full noodle meal with two nests, and then adding your own tasty topping such as tofu and sautéed vegetables.
  • Dressing with soy sauce and lime for a fresh citrussy noodle salad.

Potato starch, Pea starch


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