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Welcome to Miso Tasty's Kitchen! Find our tasty recipes and simple cooking tips here Miso Caramel How to Make Miso Soup How To Store Miso How to Make Miso Aubergine Noodle Recipes Katsu [...]

Tonkatsu Curry Sando Recipe


Tonkatsu sando is traditionally a deep-fried breaded pork-cutlet but in this recipe the tonkatsu is baked in the oven. It's Japanese comfort food at it's mouth watering best. This Japanese sandwich, or sando, is packed with a crispy [...]

How to store tofu


Real tofu is made and kept in fresh water. This gives tofu its juicy, bouncy texture once its curds have set. To keep fresh tofu at its best, it must be kept under chilled conditions and this is [...]

Yaki Udon Noodle Kit


YAKI UDON NOODLE KIT £3.50 This Japanese-style stir-fry is incredibly tasty; depth from the umami-rich miso paste and a smoky chilli paste to add a serious kick! Lighter [...]

Ramen Noodle Kit


RAMEN NOODLE KIT £3.50 This is a Miso Tasty take on the classic Japanese dish, hailed as one of Japan’s top inventions – the Ramen noodle! A wheat-based [...]

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