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20 x Glass Noodle Nests


20 x Glass Noodle Nests £5 Perfect Pantry Item! Looking for something to perk up your miso soup? These super light glass noodle nests will transform your soup into [...]



Discover & Learn Welcome to Miso Tasty's friendly guide to Japanese cooking ingredients and eating Japanese food. Miso Pastes Guide To Noodles Dashi Japanese London Japanese Ingredients Start-up Life [...]

Miso Tasty Noodle Meal Kit Set


MISO TASTY NOODLE MEAL KIT SET £7 YAKI UDON NOODLE: This Japanese-style stir-fry is incredibly tasty; depth from the umami-rich miso paste and a smoky chilli [...]

Ask Bonnie


MISO SPECIAL Miso has been an ancient Japanese superfood for hundreds of years, made from fermenting soybeans with a grain (like rice or barley) with koji fungus and salt. It may be a simple list of ingredients [...]

Miso Tasty x ChoZen Noodle collaboration!

2019-01-14T12:38:26+00:00 News|

🎉 EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT!🎉 Back to work and need a nutritious meal to kick start your healthy January? We've got you covered! We have collaborated with ChoZen Noodle, bringing you Miso Tasty MISO udon noodles for extra flavour and [...]

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