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Miso Pastes


ORGANIC MISO PASTES Our range of organic miso pastes have become the secret ingredient for the creative cook -  an umami-rich product to have in the cupboard ready to enhance your everyday cooking in minutes! [...]

Miso Tasty Cookbook Set


Miso Tasty Cookbook Set £25 The 60 recipes in our Miso Tasty Cookbook will show you some great ways to enjoy miso, so you will not [...]

Miso Tasty Noodle Meal Kit


MISO TASTY NOODLE MEAL KITS £7 for 2 £12 for 4 YAKI UDON NOODLE: This Japanese-style stir-fry is incredibly tasty; depth from the umami-rich miso paste [...]

Miso Tasty launches into Tesco!


  Today, we are so excited to launch seven new products into over 700 stores in Tesco! You'll find our new quick and tasty miso soup kits, noodle kits and miso pastes in the World Food aisle! This has [...]

Miso Soup Kits


MISO SOUP KITS Miso Tasty’s signature range of miso soups are where our adventures in miso all began! Bonnie and her team spent over 3 years developing the recipes and developed a unique two part miso soup [...]

Miso Tasty Meal Kits


MEAL KITS Our Meal Kits are perfect for tasty, easy mealtimes. A true cupboard life saver – simply complete with your favourite toppings - perfect for using up leftovers or cupboard ingredients! Our meal kits includes our [...]

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