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YOU'LL NEED : 40 gm butter, 2 cloves diced 1 tbsp Miso Tasty Shiro White miso paste 3 Granny Smith apples, cored and cut into eighths 80 gm icing sugar 50 ml brandy Juice of ½ lemon Vanilla ice-cream, to serve Macadamia crumble 20 [...]

Miso Onion Gravy Recipe

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Veggie gravies can sometimes lack in depth, when it is purely onion based. I love adding miso to mine for a rich deep flavour to enjoy with all your winter dishes. Make enough for 4 portions. Ingredients • [...]

Miso Pastes


ORGANIC MISO PASTES Our range of organic miso pastes have become the secret ingredient for the creative cook -  an umami-rich product to have in the cupboard ready to enhance your everyday cooking in minutes! [...]



Welcome to Miso Tasty's Kitchen! Find our tasty recipes and simple cooking tips here Miso Caramel How to Make Miso Soup How To Store Miso How to Make Miso Aubergine Noodle Recipes Katsu [...]

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