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The Miso Tasty Story

Miso Tasty is the brainchild of passionate foodie and award-winning entrepreneur & author, Bonnie Chung.
As a chef, miso was one of Bonnie’s favourite ingredients. She loved its versatility and range of flavours, as well as its incredible health benefits.


Miso is considered a staple in Japanese cuisine and was relatively unknown outside of Japan until recent years. It is essentially a savoury soybean cooking paste known for its incredible health properties and best known for making miso soup.

As part of Miso Tasty’s mission to create delicious, Japanese-inspired snacks and meals, miso soup is where we began.

Miso Tasty's mission is to make tasty and nutritious Japanese food EASY for ANYBODY to make themselves. "Miso has always been one of my favourite ingredients. So that’s where I began - My journey to make the ULTIMATE miso soup!"


Miso Tasty was initially set up to pioneer an understanding and love for miso, so that everybody would appreciate a daily dose of miso in their diet, just as the Japanese traditionally do. As the brand has become more established, the product ranges are expanding to include other Japanese snacks and meals too, but all featuring our signature miso.

A Labour of Love - Bon's Voyage

"I’ve always wanted to run my own business, but my first love was food."

Whilst working as a chef, Bonnie came up with the idea for Miso Tasty when she was 24. "I wanted to create tasty products that were inspired by the flavours I loved."

"What I thought would take me a few months to complete… turned into three years!!! It took over 65 manufacturing trials across the world before we found the right partners in Japan, making over 2 tonnes of miso before we finalised our recipes."

Bonnie’s voyage of discovery led her to the Shincho region at the foot of the Central Japanese Alps. It’s renowned as having the best conditions for making miso, soy sauce and sake. In turn, the area is home to the finest craftsmen for miso. Japan was the only place in the world that had the know-how and experience necessary to help create the miso flavours Bonnie wanted to achieve.

In 2014, after THREE years of development, Miso Tasty FINALLY launched!

Our Miso Tasty Team

Working at Miso Tasty is a bit like working in a family business. Together, we drive the Miso Tasty mission forward and have a lot of fun, along the way!

We all love miso, Japanese food, and yes we really do eat miso everyday.

Miso Tasty Awards
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