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Our carefully selected miso comes from the Nagano region of Japan, the favoured location for making miso because of its perfect climate and access to spring water. Our soybeans are GMO-free by both Japanese and European standards and indeed the whole factory operates to a zero GMO standard.


The only allergen in the product is soya. All the oils used are either soya or rapeseed and have not been modified in any way.


Our miso soup recipes are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, and our ingredients are gluten-free. Our product is accredited by the Vegetarian Society and while they are not organically certified, we use all natural ingredients. The pack of vegetables is assembled in the UK using ingredients sourced from the US, Japan and China.


There is no MSG in Miso Tasty products.


Miso Tasty is confident that our products meet our consumers’ expectations in all respects. If there are any questions about our products at all, please do not hesitate to contact us on enquiries@misotasty.com.


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