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Pioneering chef and food blogger Bonnie Chung has always had a passion for top quality miso but was continually underwhelmed by off-the-shelf powders and pastes. So rather than wait for someone else to come up with chef quality take-home miso she decided to do something about it herself. Three years later, Miso Tasty was born.


Miso Tasty was set up to pioneer an understanding and love for miso, so that everybody would appreciate a daily dose of miso in their daily diet, just as the Japanese do. Miso Tasty is the only miso brand in the UK leading the way in educating about miso, through a range of miso products, events and literature on all things miso!


Our philosophy - Miso Tasty Everyday is about making miso a tasty daily treat for the tastebuds and your body, every single day. We hope to inspire you to love miso as much as we do. 

 A Labour of Love

 After three years’ research and a quest for the finest miso, Bonnie launched Miso Tasty – less a food company; more a passionate mission to begin a miso movement, not just for the adventurous food lovers interested in the versatility of quality miso, but for everyone.


Inspired by the variety of miso found in Japan, Miso Tasty aims to share and demystify the ancient world of miso making and educate consumers on the many flavours and textures of miso. 

Bon's Voyage

Bonnie’s voyage of discovery led her to the Shincho region at the foot of the Central Japanese Alps. It’s renowned as having the best conditions for making miso and is, in turn, home to the finest craftsmen. Japan was the only place in the world that had the know-how and experience necessary to help create the miso flavours Bonnie wanted to achieve.

All miso from Miso Tasty is crafted in Japan in small batches. 

Our Miso Tasty Team

 Working at Miso Tasty is a bit like working for a small family. We work very hard and play very hard together.  We probably spend a little too much time together but each day flies by so quickly, we hardly notice!

There's Bonnie, founder of Miso Tasty, then there is Jimmy who heads up Sales & Logistics, and Floss who leads the NPD and marketing. Andy is our whizz kid who looks after everything else! That's Arlo in the picture who is Rebecca, our photographers pup and is a loyal friend of Miso Tasty!

We all love miso and yes we really do eat it everyday!

Miso Tasty in Action!

 We believe that the best way to grow the love for miso is to encourage as many people as possible try our delicious products! We know that miso can be a little intimidating for some, but for us its our favourite ingredient and we just love to convert new miso fans all the time! 

This is why we have lots of events throughout the year where you can come along and try out a Miso Tasty soup! Find us doing tastings at  Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, the BBC Good Food Shows Om Yoga and many more. To find out when our next events are, please contact us at enquiries@misotasty.com. 


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