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Miso and Nutrition

For hundreds of years, the Japanese have eaten miso as a health food and their famously long lives have always been linked to their traditional diet. Now an appreciation of the link between miso and health has begun to spread outside of Japan. Packed with essential vitamins; E, B12, K and high in protein, miso is a low calorie super-food that has a range of health benefits.

Miso beans

Choose your soy carefully 

Miso is made from fermented soy (beans) which when eaten in its traditional form provides a range of health benefits. These include an abundance of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium and natural probiotics gained through the fermentation process. Soy however can also be bad; this is because so much of the commercial soya we see in our supermarkets today is highly processed. By not using the traditional fermentation method that removes enzyme inhibitors and psychic acid, soy can be difficult to digest impairing the uptake of certain nutrients. So choose your soy products wisely and always choose Miso Tasty Miso, who use the traditional fermentation method and so is full of goodness.

Miso tasty how it's made

Miso fermented

Fermented foods like miso are recognised for their “gut friendly” properties and aiding good digestion, joining the good live bacteria family of kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and sourdough . These “ gut friendly” properties include breaking down and absorbing nutrients therefore helping to keep the ‘bad’ bugs at bay. Miso soup is great for settling a queasy stomach and soothing indigestion. For the greatest benefits, make sure you go for Miso Tasty’s unpasteurised miso, as the pasteurised versions are heat-treated and will contain only minimal – if any – beneficial bacteria. Top tip ; if you’re using unpasteurised, don’t heat your miso to high temperatures, for the same reason; add it to sauces or cooked foods at the end of cooking, or use it in dressings, dips or spreads.

Miso Fermented

Not forgetting our Wakame Seaweed...

You will find our wakame seaweed in our miso soups and meal kits as an additional garnish. Seaweed has a range of health benefits including vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants and iron, often being paired with miso soup so packing a double nutritional punch!!! 

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