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Miso is a tasty soybean paste with a deep, savoury taste.
This ancient superfood from Japan is famed for its unique flavours and rich nutrition. Great as a nourishing soup snack, a broth for noodles, or as a flavoursome marinade and dressing. With so many different types and textures of miso, it holds endless possibilities for making tasty dishes.
Once you have tried it, it’s the store cupboard staple in Japan, you won't be able to live without!

What is Miso made from?

Miso is made from fermenting soy beans, rice koji, salt, and usually a grain such as rice or barley, together. The fermentation process can be anything from a few weeks or as long as three years depending on the flavour desired.

While the ingredients are simple, the making of miso is far from simple. It can take a lifetime for a maker of miso to learn the delicate craft of miso making.

Traditionally, miso is made in a 2-tonne handmade cedar barrel; the cooked ingredients are left to ferment and cure under 1 tonne of expertly placed rocks, that have been structurally designed to survive even earthquakes.

A Brief History of miso

Originating from China, miso was introduced to Japan 1,300 years ago by Buddhist priests. It was originally a prized delicacy, only enjoyed by nobility because it contained rice - a luxury in its day. But as word of its energy-giving properties spread, Samurai adapted and adopted miso as a staple part of their diet.

By the mid 14th century miso’s popularity had spread and was being enjoyed by everyone, from monks to farm hands. During the 17th & 18th centuries miso went full circle, becoming a thrifty way to eek out household budgets during periods of great financial hardship.

Since then, miso has been and still is a quintessentially Japanese flavour in cooking.

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