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Miso Tasty is the brainchild of passionate foodie & startup founder, Bonnie Chung. “For years miso was my secret weapon in the kitchen. But my fascination for this ancient Japanese superfood led me to embark upon a [...]

What Is Umami ?

2019-07-30T09:13:48+00:00 Discover, Miso|

With the current hullabaloo for umami and its promises of instant flavour, it may be surprising that this foodie buzzword entered the mainstream not all that long ago as the "fifth taste". Discovered in 1908 by Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda, it has [...]


2020-01-14T10:28:28+00:00 Discover, Health, Recipes|

To keep us fit and healthy through these last few weeks of winter, the Miso Tasty team has been obsessively drinking this detoxifying miso soup for a light lunch or a warming mid-afternoon snack. Miso Tasty soups are perfect for the health-conscious [...]


2019-09-05T20:26:27+00:00 Discover, Health, Miso, News|

It’s that time of year again. Cold, rainy January. Once again we’ve decided that, post that festive-indulgence period, we need to give our bodies a break and start the new year with a healthy, cleansing detox. Luckily this year, Miso [...]

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