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Miso Tasty is the brainchild of passionate foodie and cookbook author Bonnie Chung.

Miso has always been my secret weapon in the kitchen. My fascination for this ancient Japanese ingredient led me to embark upon a 3 year quest to make my own miso in Japan and to ultimately launch Miso Tasty to get miso into everybody’s kitchen!


The Fab Team Behind Miso Tasty

We are a small team of like-minded foodies, based in Hackney, East London, united by our passion for all things miso and led by Bonnie, founder of Miso Tasty – estb. in 2014.

We have a range of super tasty miso products in the UK’s major supermarkets, as well as in countries as far as Australia.

Our purpose is to get miso into everybody’s kitchen and to make miso part of everyday cooking. Miso is not just for classic Japanese dishes either – we love it in our mash potatoes, in our baking, spaghetti and marinades; miso is so versatile!

We love miso because it can transform any dish from mediocre to super tasty, quickly and naturally. It’s super easy to use, just stir it into glazes, marinades, soups, spaghetti and even into your cookie dough!


Bonnie Chung with the Miso Tasty Range

Miso Tasty was founded 7 years ago by miso-obsessed foodie, Bonnie Chung. Miso represented all that she adored about cooking; complex umami flavours, fusion recipes, food craft and heritage, as well as incredible health benefits. She was working as a chef and decided that it was the single-most powerful weapon she had in her kitchen, and wanted the whole world to know about it. Cue, Miso Tasty. 

It was not an easy start though! 

“It took over 65 manufacturing trials around the world before we found the right partners in Japan, to make our miso. We made over 2 tonnes of miso before we finalised our recipes, over a three year period.”

Bonnie’s voyage of discovery led her to the Shinshu region at the foot of the Central Japanese Alps. This area is renowned for having the best conditions for making miso & is home to the finest craftsmen for fermented foods including soy sauce and sake too. Japan was the only place that had the know-how and experience to create the miso flavours Bonnie wanted for Miso Tasty.

 Japan continues to be the home of production for all of Miso Tasty’s miso.


Miso tasting in Japan
Bonnie Chung visits a miso factory in Japan
Yaser, Bonnie and Malcolm after visiting a miso factory in Japan

Since launching 7 years ago, we have made and sold over 150 tonnes of miso and our brand can be found in over 3000 stores worldwide. Our journey has never been easy though; launching Miso Tasty in 2014 when miso was a little known ingredient was tough! We have pushed through a long journey of educating people on why miso is so special and getting it in everybody’s kitchen cupboards. It has taken a lot of patience and determination to get miso on the map and we are delighted that the trends have finally caught up with us! 

Miso Tasty  is the miso of choice for chefs including Yotam Ottolenghi, Jamie Oliver, Ravinder Bhogal, Tim Anderson, Delia Smith and many more. 

Our brand of miso is a feature in their restaurants, media and cookbooks. 

This growing success is a reflection of Bonnie and team’s passion and determination to make miso part of everyday cooking and into every kitchen in the UK. 



Say KONNICHWA to our Miso Tasty team!

Together we drive the Miso Tasty mission forward and YES, we really do eat miso everyday!

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