Our Miso Tasty pastes , new look miso soups and our brand new meal kit range are now available in Ocado.  The meal kit range is Japanese inspired and perfect for tasty, easy mealtimes. A true cupboard life saver – simply complete with your favourite fresh ingredients!

Our meal kit range includes ramen noodle, glass noodle and udon noodle kits, all featuring our signature miso paste as a base. Each come with tasty toppings for the most authentic experience and a professional finish.

Miso Tasty’s Meal Kits are:

  • Made from all natural ingredients, free from MSG and additives
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans (see pack)
  • Quick & Easy Japanese meal in under 10 minutes, using ingredients you already have at home!
  • Each Meal Kit contains 2 separate portions, so you can enjoy as a meal for two or on 2 separate occasions.