Our Katsu Curry Kit Had A Lockdown Glow-up!

We are excited to announce the launch of our New & Improved Ultimate Katsu Curry Kit!

We know that the kit was already pretty great, but we have been working hard to make it even better! Our sauce is now slow cooked, which means the distinctive sweet & fruity flavour now is smooth and rich, we have also reduced the non-recyclable packaging we use too!

Our Katsu Curry Kit means that you can recreate a truly authentic Japanese curry in 3 easy steps! It comes with Japanese panko for the crunchiest crumb whether you choose to add chicken, pork, tofu or sweet potato.

While authentic Katsu Curry in Japan is packed full of preservatives or MSG – Miso Tasty have recreated the characteristic flavour, but with 100% natural, vegan ingredients. Each kit contains 2 servings – a healthier option for the time poor, health conscious, food enthusiast.

Click here to try our Prawn Katsu Curry recipe or scroll down to discover other recipe ideas to make with our Katsu Curry Kits.

Try Our Prawn Katsu Curry Recipe

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Miso Tasty Katsu Curry Kit - made with natural and vegan ingredients

Curry Kit

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Miso Tasty Craft Tofu - Firm

Craft Tofu – Firm

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Miso Tasty Craft Tofu - Soft

Craft Tofu – Soft

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