NEW VIDEO! The Art of Noodling with Miso Tasty founder Bonnie Chung

NEW VIDEO! The Art of Noodling with Miso Tasty founder Bonnie Chung

New data confirms that 84% of Brits have been cooking noodles wrong their entire lives. To ensure rubbish ramen is a thing of the past, Miso Tasty founder Bonnie has created a range of home cooking kits and miso pastes mean cooking Japanese has never been easier. She’s also shared her 7 hacks  to shikoshiko (al-dente) noodles to try yourself in her Art of Noodling video so you can create the perfect ramen;

  1. Down the pan: always use two pans – one for noodles and one for everything else. Noodles need your full attention if you want to get them right, so avoid whacking everything in one pan and hoping for the best.
  2. Respect your noodles: they are a symbol of life in Japanese culture so you should never snap them before putting in the pan. Place into boiling water too rather than cold. 
  3. Silky not starched: If your noodles always end up stuck together, starch is usually always the culprit. Once boiled, rinse them in cold water to remove the starch and avoid the stick.
  4. Ice and simple: Shikoshiko noodles have a nice bite – stop yours overcooking and help retain their texture by resting   in iced water while you prep your other ingredients.
  5. Rapid refresh: once you’re ready to serve, quickly reheat your iced noodles by dropping them back into simmering water for 10 seconds.
  6. Ramen ratio: noodles are the main event. Remember the 80:10:10 rule and aim for 80% noodles, 10% vegetables and 10% protein.
  7. Build your bowl: your final dish should come together in the bowl, not the pan. Start with the noodles, then layer your protein and veg and top off with a warming broth.

Video created with Uyen Luu.

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