Nervous does not even begin to describe the feeling of holding my cookbook in my hands after months and months of hard work. It was a long journey that feels like a million years ago. But finally, finally, I can say that i am the author of the Miso Tasty Cookbook!!

This bank holiday was extra special because my cookbook arrived. The first set of advance copies! The rest are on a boat in the big blue, making its way over here next month.   The finish is absolutely gorgeous. Hard back, fabric cover, acid-free paper (for all you paper geeks!) and a lovely dinky size! It feels substantial but not intimidating. Accessible but still elegant. But then, I would say all of these things really, it’s my baby, and I love it!!

Needless to say, Friday afternoon was not very productive, and many bubbles were drunk. The best start to a bank holiday!

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Award winning signed copy of Miso Tasty the cookbook
Award winning Miso Tasty The Cookbook Signed Edition & Miso Tasty Miso Paste 100g Jars
Award winning Miso Tasty the Cookbook Signed Edition, Miso Tasty Miso Paste & Miso Muddler