Miso Tasty askednutritional therapist and author Eve Kalinik about gut health, cooking with miso, and what’s in her pantry

1) Tell us what you do.

I’m a nutritional therapist and author with my second book due for release 27th August.

2) Why do you think we should all be thinking more about gut health?

As we uncover more and more about the gut and the trillions of microbes that live in our gut we understand just HOW much of a pivotal role the gut has in our overall health including supporting the immune system, managing inflammation and clear links with cognitive health. When you consider that we contain more microbes than human cells and most of these microbes live in our gut we really should show them some care and attention.

3) What lifestyle changes do you think we should make, to help us be happier and healthier in our lives during these uncertain times?

I’m a big believer in routine which creates structure when we are living through ambiguity. This also extends to meal times and planning them into our day rather than being more haphazard which can lead to mindless snacking and/or grabbing quick fix foods. A bit of menu planning across the week is a good idea for the routine and frees up our mind for other stuff. Bringing some kind of daily mindful practise such as meditation or simple breathing exercises is also crucial to support our mental wellbeing because whilst we cannot change certain situations or know what is around the corner we can be better placed psychologically and emotionally to deal with them.

“When you consider that we contain more microbes than human cells and most of these microbes live in our gut we really should show them some care and attention. “

Eve Kalinik

4) What do you always have in your pantry for making a quick meal?

I always have some eggs to hand as I reckon they are the ultimate fast food and super versatile. And I keep a ready supply of sliced sourdough in the freezer to pull out when I need. I’m also a fan of batch cooking and use the freezer to make double or more portions for those days when I need something no fuss.

5) Do you use miso in your cooking and what are your favourite dishes?

Yes I use miso regularly as I find it so versatile. I make dressings from it with sesame oil, spread onto sourdough with scrambled eggs, marinate fish and meat and even add it into porridge in the winter months with some maple syrup – super delicious.
Eve Kalinik - Green eggs & ham

Green Eggs & Ham. Photo by Nassima Rothacker

Eve Kalinik -Harissa chicken

Harissa chicken. Photo by Nassima Rothacker

6) Tell us the best dish you recently made and how you made it.

Aw thats a hard one but I guess its got to be one from the new book that is the Harissa chicken with lemon and pomegranate dressing – its a really easy one tray bake that even the most novice of cooks can make and feel really rewarded.

7) Have you been working on anything exciting during lockdown?

Yes I’ve been busy finishing off the last edits on the new book and gearing up for publication day!

Find out more about Eve Kalinik on her website at www.evekalinik.com and follow follow her on her Instagram @evekalinik.

Her new book Happy Gut, Happy Mind will be released on August 27th and is available for pre-order at Amazon.
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  1. nataliewoods.792 September 1, 2020 at 9:41 pm - Reply

    Great article

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    I need to try the sourdough, eggs with miso combination! Sounds like a great way to add some depth of flavour!

    Insta: tweetiekaz

  3. Heidi Mcvie September 2, 2020 at 7:43 am - Reply

    Love your blog especially the lovely recipes 🙂

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