One of the first things people ask me about our miso soups is ‘what makes your soup any different to anything else out there’? Well, I am going to let you in on a secret…

The trick to our superior flavour is in keeping the miso separate from the other ingredients, until just before you’re ready to enjoy. This makes us totally different from all our competition who put all their seaweed and flavourings in the same pack.  And guess what happens when you do that? Well, you only have to think about canned soups to know that when ingredients sit together for a long time, the taste and textures of the ‘bits’ simply detiorate and stale over time.

By keeping our ingredients separate to the miso, we preserve the fresh flavours of miso, we keep the vegetables bright green, leafy and with ‘bite’.  The umami flavours from our kombudashi (kelp stock) are released just before you are ready to consume, that would otherwise be lost in the miso paste over time. Our wakame seaweed has a tender bite unlike our competition where they have disintegrated in the miso paste over time.

We hope you enjoy this genius, technical little detail which makes all the difference to the flavour of our miso soup!