We’re featured on JAMIE OLIVER’s TV show!

Jamie Oliver champions Miso Tasty’s Aka Red Miso Paste on “Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food” TV show on Channel 4 for the 2nd time this season !!
Our Great Taste Award-winning paste was used to coat his mouthwatering Ginger Shakin Beef” as the KEY ingredient for his dish! Jamie raves about our miso’s strength of flavouravailable in supermarkets and the benefits of fermented foods, as he massages it into the beef to both flavour and tenderise it.
This episode follows on from one just 3 weeks ago, where he used the paste for his “Sesame Seared Tuna” dish!

Ginger Shakin Beef  | Serves 2 | Total 16 Minutes

  • 300g sirloin steak (ideally 1.5cm thick)
  • 4cm piece of ginger
  • 1 tablespoon Miso Tasty Aka Red Miso Paste
  • 2 teaspoons runny honey
  • 2 pak choi (250g)
Pull the fat off the sirloin, finely slice the fat and place it in a cold non-stick frying pan. Put on a medium-high high heat to crisp up while you peel and matchstick the ginger, then add that to crisp up, too. Cut off the sinew, then dice the steak into 3cm chunks and toss with the miso until well coated. Scoop the crispy fat and ginger out and put aside, then add the steak chunks to the pan. Cook for 4 minutes, tossing regularly, then drizzle in the honey and 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar. Toss for 1 more minute until shiny and sticky.
Meanwhile, halve the pak choi, cook in a pan of boiling water for just 1 minute so they retain a bit of crunch, then drain well and plate up. Spoon over the steak and sticky juices from the pan, and finished with reserved crispy bits.

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    I am in my 93 year old my wife passed away in 2015 , I live alone & cook my own meals Your recipes help me a lot

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