Introducing Miso Tasty’s New Vegan Miso Soup Kits With Real Japanese Dashi

Miso Tasty are pleased to announce the launch of their new range of vegan Miso Soups made with real Japanese dashi, which have just launched in Waitrose and Amazon and soon at Ocado.

Made with our signature blend of miso pastes paired with handmade dashi and regionally inspired toppings, our new soups took over 2 years to develop. Miso soup doesn’t get more authentic than this! Bonnie, Founder of Miso Tasty

The range is inspired by classic flavours from different regions of Japan. Miso Tasty’s Silken Tofu Miso Soup is a classic Japanese combo; delicate cubes of silken tofu, mixed with nutritious wakame seaweed and spring onion to bring out the special flavour of the miso soup base. Miso Tasty’s Sweetcorn Miso Soup is inspired by the flavours of Hokkaido, Northern Japan. This soup celebrates key flavours from the island – bringing together the warming chilli peppers of Japanese seven spice with spring onions and crunchy sweetcorn.

Miso Tasty Silken Tofu Miso Soup Kit - Winter warmer

Miso Tasty’s signature Miso Soup paste is created from a secret blend of rice miso, spring water and homemade dashi – the quintessential Japanese stock that accentuates umami flavour. This dashi is handmade in an authentic fashion, while being completely vegetarian. Aged shiitake mushrooms and kombu (Japanese kelp) are steeped in distilled water for 24 hours to create an umami-rich base. When this is combined with miso, the dashi draws out and amplifies its deep, natural flavours. Miso Tasty Miso Soups are the only miso soups on the market to contain this Japanese staple.

“Our miso soups are a perfect winter warmer, great as a working from home snack or accompaniment to a light lunch. I love these as a comforting 4pm pick-me-up.” Bonnie

Miso Tasty Sweetcorn Miso Soup Kit - healthy work from home snack

Miso Tasty’s signature range of Miso Soups are where their adventures in miso began! Bonnie and her team spent over 3 years developing the recipes and crafting a unique two part miso soup, now containing real dashi, that delivers the best-tasting, most authentic miso soups on the market.

Miso Tasty Sweetcorn Miso Soup Kit - healthy post workout snack
Miso Tasty Silken Tofu Miso Soup Kit - healthy work from home snack

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Miso Tasty Sweetcorn Miso Soup Kit and Silken Tofu Miso Soup Kits with dashi
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