Introducing Bonnie Chung’s New Tofu Tasty Cookbook – Imaginative Tofu Recipes For Every Day

We are absolutely thrilled to reveal that Bonnie has written a second cookbook!

It took over 2 years of testing and writing and we had to carefully shoot all the photography during lockdown, socially-distanced, masked up, with a tiny team and in a small window of time last November, just before the country locked down again.  We feel incredibly lucky for pulling it off in the circumstances, and excited to finally tell you all about it!

Aya Momochan for Miso Tasty Tofu Tasty Cookbook
Yuki Sugiura for Miso Tasty Tofu Tasty Cookbook
Tofu Tasty cookbook photography team

Tofu Tasty will revolutionise the way we think and cook with tofu forever. Never tasteless, never boring and definitely not just for vegetarians, tofu is an exciting ingredient and Tofu Tasty is here to challenge you into cooking new and inspiring dishes.

As well as 60 vibrant and versatile recipes, Bonnie Chung explores the different types of tofu, its history and heritage, health benefits, and its role in Asian cuisine. She also teaches you how to make, press and store your own tofu.

Tofu has enjoyed a central place on dinner tables across Asia for centuries, but in the West it has become synonymous with a bland meat alternative – but Tofu Tasty is here to put tofu centre stage of every dish. The recipes in Tofu Tasty all start vegetarian, however ‘twists’ are provided to include a meat or fish variation for non-veggie days.

Many of you might have tried our range of tofu already, and my cookbook promises over 60 imaginative ways of making tofu centreplate in your meals – you will never be stuck in a tofu rut again! Tofu Tasty covers not just fresh tofu, but dried and fermented tofu too. All the recipes are designed to be vegetarian in its base, with twists and suggestions on how to add fish or meat on non-veggie days.

The official launch date is 2nd September 2021, but Tofu Tasty is NOW available for pre-order!!  Pre-orders make a HUGE difference for building awareness, and you receive your book before everyone else! So if you are thinking of getting a copy, please pre-order now!


Following the launch, the Tofu Tasty will also be available from many other online and store outlets, and we will share those locations with you very soon too.

Thank you to everyone who has bought Bonnie’s first cookbook, Miso Tasty. If you liked that one, you are going to LOVE Tofu Tasty (you can trust that there are quite a few new miso recipes in there too!)

We are on a mission to get you cooking with tofu in much more exciting ways, and for it to become part of your weekly repertoire.

Discover Miso Tasty’s Vegetarian Recipes

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