We don’t normally recommend cold miso soup; by that I mean miso soup that has gone cold like a forgotten cup of tea . But this deliberately chilled miso soup is so refreshing on a hots summers day or a warm evening. Served on its own as a snack, or with a warm bowl of rice for a light dinner, this is a soup to have on standby during the warmer months.

Serves 4
3 tbsp white miso
1 tbsp red miso
2 tbsp mirin
1 litre/ 1 3\4 pints / 4 cups Dashi
150g / 5 1/2 oz cooked crayfish (crawfish) tails
100g / 3 1/2 oz / 2/3 cup cucumber ribbons, peeled
2 tbsp julienned carrot
1 tbsp finely chopped chives
1 tsp toasted sesame seeds chilli oil (optional)

First, mix the miso pastes and mirin in a small bowl until smooth. Transfer to a ladle.

Boil the dashi, then reduce to a simmer. Add the crayfish and cook for 1 minute.

Turn off the heat. Dip the ladle containing the miso mixture into the pot so the dashi seeps in, but the miso does not escape into the pot. Slowly loosen up the miso with a spoon inside the ladle as the dashi mixes with it; the paste will slowly melt into the dashi. Leave to cool to room temperature for 1 hour, then chill for a minimum of 2 hours.

When ready to serve, add the cucumber ribbons to bowls and pour in the miso soup with the crayfish. The soup will separate while in the fridge- don’t worry – simply give it a vigorous stir to bring it back together again before serving.

Add the carrot, chives, sesame seeds and a few drops of chilli oil, if using, to finish.