Miso as a healthy fermented food !

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Fermented foods like miso are recognised for their “gut friendly” properties and aiding good digestion, joining the good live bacteria family of kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and sourdough. These “ gut friendly” properties include breaking down and absorbing nutrients therefore [...]

10 interesting facts about miso


We think that miso is like an ancient superfood that is under appreciated in the West, so here are 10 interesting facts about Miso, to build up your miso appetite! Miso itself is a traditional Japanese seasoning, made by [...]

Tonkatsu Curry Sando Recipe


Tonkatsu sando is traditionally a deep-fried breaded pork-cutlet but in this recipe the tonkatsu is baked in the oven. It's Japanese comfort food at it's mouth watering best. This Japanese sandwich, or sando, is packed with a crispy [...]

Katsu Curry Kit


KATSU CURRY KIT £2.50 Miso Tasty's ULTIMATE Katsu Curry Kit captures the distinctive sweet & fruity aromatic flavours you would expect in a curry house in [...]

Miso Tasty’s Quick Teriyaki Salmon


The classic Teriyaki Salmon is an easy Japanese recipe made even easier with Miso Tasty’s Sweet & Sticky Teriyaki. Gluten-free, this tasty dish will quickly become a weekly favourite! serve with steamed rice and vegetables for a healthy [...]

Signed Miso Tasty the Cookbook


Signed Miso Tasty the Cookbook £15 A signed copy of “Miso Tasty: The Cookbook” is now available! Your copy will be signed by the author, Bonnie Chung, unless [...]

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